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May 28, 2018

The first tropical storm of the season should be hitting soon. Nothing much to worry about. Don’t care what Weather Channel wants or says, this is not a hurricane. It’s gray, windy and promises to be wet. That’s okay coz … Continue reading

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Please take a look at my draft

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THE FIVE SECOND NOVEL I’m gonna write my novel 5 seconds at a time.-Joe Fuller Prologue I’m back at Denny’s after a long abscence. Years since I made it a point to show two, three times a week. I was … Continue reading

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Where I’ll Be Snug And Sheltered From The Storm

It is warm today. Scott said it’s going to rain. I don’t care. Now, the radio is telling me to expect hail. Sixty mile an hour winds. I care about that…a little. I don’t like driving in high speed wind. … Continue reading

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I Tell The Clock There Is No Reason For Alarm

I have no stories today. No stories I want to tell. I’m not up for it. I’m out of practice. I’m the Anti-Resolutionist. What ever that means. Last night, I closed my eyes promising myself a new attitude when I … Continue reading

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Story Of My Life

Jay’s message to me said, “We missed it by five minutes. They found another band in town so he’s going to use them. Sorry. We missed it by five minutes.” 

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Wide Awake and Singing

It’s cold everywhere this section of the country. Only problem is, here in Northwest Florida, we’re still not used to it. Some forcasts call for snow. I hope that happens. I’d love to go walking in it and watch as … Continue reading

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