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Not Yet

Sometimes I forget I’m a lucky man. Forty  Years ago, I was closing in on The last days of my life. I can’t say I Prayed for death coz I had long since  Stopped all form of prayer but, I … Continue reading

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Hey, Joe, tell Rover to Move Over

I am enjoying the change in temperature today.  Fifteen degrees cooler than Sunday.  I was able to set up my gear without one drop of sweat forming on my brow. My PA sounded crisp as I played a tribute to … Continue reading

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But You Deserve Better 

I’ve been writing songs and posting stories on Facebook. One of my friends on that site wrote, “I’m enjoying your blog.” I thought, “You like this, you ought to checkout my ‘real’ blog.” That’s when I realized I have not … Continue reading

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He lives across the street from his grandson. Yet, I’m the guy who picks the boy up and takes him to school. I take him to 

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More Than Money

I read this post on Facebook about the Law of Attraction. Checked out the free videos, too. For a fee, I would be given a secret prosperity prayer and an amazing attraction amulet. I pressed the “Thank you, no” icon, … Continue reading

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“A beaten child is a ruined child.”-Pat Conroy.

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This is the second time I’ve received the McDonald’s turn off. I’ve just finished the first of my 2 sausage biscuits and I’m ready to take the free wi-fi to Word Press and update my blog thinking everything is going … Continue reading

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