No Day For Heroes

I give up.
I guess this day’s
Not a day for poetry.
No ballad poetry today.
I don’t know where the time
has gone but, all of the sudden,
the sun is goin’ down and
I haven’t been able to write
word one till now…

I give up.
A 10 year old boy screams
for my attention and I lose
my train of thought and in-
spiration has bought the
farm and, for a moment,
there was still a chance for me
till now…

I give up.


About joefingas

I am a songwriter, poet, blues singer, and a boogie woogie piano player. I have a grandson but I have no children of my own. All my women have wised up and left me. I was a bum, a wino, a drug/alcohol counselor, a prevention/intervention specialist and a pretender. I have no more time to pretend.
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