Sometimes I’m A Man Of My Word

I will be leaving in 30 minutes to play a gig in Pensacola, Florida. It’s 50 miles from my house and, according to the radio, it’s raining there.

I’m sitting at the counter of a local coffee house using the wi-fi. “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones is playing on Sirius and I’m drinking a small Americano.

I don’t really want to leave and get in my car. I mean, it’s rush hour and it’s gonna take at least 2 hours to get to my job.

Now, I’m sure folks used to truly horrible traffic congestion would laugh at my complaint. And, that’s their right coz they have to endure way more in the way of waiting and wasting time bumper to bumper than I, but I am gonna gripe just the same.

Just coz I feel like griping.

Just coz I have 30 minutes to kill and I promised myself I’d blog today and, today, I’m gonna keep my promise.


About joefingas

I am a songwriter, poet, blues singer, and a boogie woogie piano player. I have a grandson but I have no children of my own. All my women have wised up and left me. I was a bum, a wino, a drug/alcohol counselor, a prevention/intervention specialist and a pretender. I have no more time to pretend.
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