Hold The Fire


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Where’s The Fire?


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I’m Shaving Today


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I Miss You


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“Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero”


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Old Man Getting Mad

There’s nothing worse in life than an old man getting mad.

It’s like a baby throwing a tantrum except the baby’s your dad.

He starts to sputter and stutter and you wonder, “What the hell?”

And just when your thought is over, the old man starts to yell.

He goes on a half baked tirade till he has to catch his breath, sit down and say, “I’m sorry for scaring you to death.”

And you say, “Okay. What was it, the thing that made you to blow?”

He shakes his head, he shrugs his shoulders and then he says, “I don’t even know.”

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Standin In Line Askin Questions

Standin in line.
Six feet apart.
Got nothing but time.
Coz I knew from the start
A little bit of business can
Take all day.
In line in the time of
No such thing as a
Quick get away.

Handed me a number
Told me go sit down
Asked the number giver
How long this hang around?
She said, “For as long as it takes.
That’s my  answer to you.
And, if you don’t like it,
There’s not much else you can do

To get what you want so
Make it easy on yourself.
Ain’t hurtin no one but you
Not anybody else.
Can you take hard facts?
Let me give it to you straight.
You say you want it now,
But you’re gonna
Have to wait.”

Didn’t like what I heard
Didn’t want to hear no more
Then a little bird told me,
“Brother, there’s the door
You can leave if you want
And you can come back anytime
But if you come back, you go back
To tail end of the line.”

I don’t care if I’m last
But I’d rather be first
I don’t ever drink water
Less I’m dying of thirst
I don’t like cussing
Till something pisses me off
And I don’t ever give up
Till enough is enough.

That’s why I stayed in line
That’s why I sat over there
That’s why, when my number was called
I stood from my chair and
Was quite pleasant with the person
Asking, “What’s this about?”
And I walked away whistling coz
It had been straightened out.

At the beginning of this jingle,
I said I knew from the start.
Well, I kinda sorta did,
deep down in my heart.
But memory has a way
Of turning things around
Tinkering and tuning the
Pictures and sound
Till it’s just the way I want to remember
The mundane, the profound

Events of my life that make me laugh, cry and smile
Make me hope that I can stick around for a while
Coz there’s still more to do even if it means standing in line
And sitting on steel benches that numb my behind
Coz, in the scheme, it might not matter
But it matters to me
Watching ‘Hamlet’ via YouTube
“To be or not to be.”

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Slow and Steady

Showed up at my house late 2020. I took it to be a sign, a good omen.

I opened my front door just in time to see the tortoise cross my path. I took it to be a sign, a good omen.

I said, “Hey, thanks for clearing trouble from my yard.”

My visitor was too busy slow walking across concrete to return my greeting or, for that matter, acknowledge me at all.

I didn’t care. I understood. The shelled reptile’s good deed had nothing to do with me, not really.

The tortoise would do the same for Donald Trump or Joe Biden or Oprah or LeBron James or the Cat on the Corner with the Cardboard Sign saying, “Homeless…Will Work For…”

Tortoise soup?

“God, no. No,” I said, then shouted to my messenger, “Steer clear of anyone or anything looking at you with hungry eyes. The good omen vibes you sent me, I’m sending them right back to you. Please, please, don’t let anyone cut short your righteous path.”

I stood for over an hour watching my talisman cross the yard. It left a trail of four leaf clovers.

When Joey, my grandson, was eight years old, he told me, “I’ve changed my name to ‘Turtle.'”

I said, “Cool.”

Then he said, “I used to call you ‘Hippopotamus’ but I’m changing it to ‘Tortoise.'”


“You know why?”


Joey took a deep breath and said, “I’ve changed your name to ‘Tortoise’ coz you’re so slow and, mostly steady, you’re gonna win the race.”

“What race?”

“Every race.”


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